Customer Review On AMAZON

My husband bought this vest for me for night-time dog-walking. It does exactly what it should! Highly reflective and easy to put on and take off. Bought the pink in Small, and it fits nicely, even over a bulky winter jacket (but then again I am a small person. Others may want to size up if they plan to wear it over winter outerwear). The vest has a useful front zipper pocket, too. Cannot say enough about the speed of delivery–the vest arrived within a few days, and on Thanksgiving! An excellent and safety-enhancing purchase.
This is the best protective vest. I bought this for my roomate who bikes to work in the dark. I live in a small town and bikers and joggers don’t seem to realize you CANNOT see them. There in not a lot of traffic at 5:30 am but all it takes is one time. I leave the house early morning and I cannot believe how many people are out with our any reflective gear.
Well this vest does the job for my roommate. It is so awesome I am going to buy another for myself when walking my best friend (a collie) for a walk in the evening. My dog will also have some gear on.

Thanks all for keeping us safe.

Kay Miller
As the days get shorter, I have to run in the dark or just don’t run. Sometimes the latter seems more attractive but the mirror does not agree when it shows my 50-something year old body. About a week ago, I was running at dusk while wearing a white shirt and strobing yellow LED belt on my waist when a driver just about ran be down turning into a drive in front of me. She screamed that I “needed more light.” This is when I noticed that one of her headlights was burned out. The truth is, I’m not the one who needed more light. But I realized I wouldn’t be able to defend my argument if I was dead. So I decided to do what I could to make myself more visible to the idiots.

This vest is a few bucks more than some of the others I found on Amazon. However, from the photos, it seemed brighter than the others. I also liked the fact that the product came with a pair of ankle/arm bands and internal phone pocket. Even better was the return policy and lifetime warranty.

This vest is, in fact, quite visible in the dark. The reflective tape lights you up like a Christmas tree. The fit is good. I normally buy medium jackets and shirts, and that translated well to the vest. Not too tight, nor to loose.