We are a company dedicated to helping you be seen 24/7 through high visibility clothing, high visibility apparel and high visibility equipment.

From Amateur Runners and Cyclists

We started this business because we love being outside – in the morning hours, daylight hours and nighttime. We found that there is a lack of quality, practical, yet affordable high visibility gear on the market.

The first product we offered was our Reflective Vest. Quickly through, with your feedback, we realized that we could go beyond just a vest. There are hundreds of products out there that just need simple adjustments or manipulations to make them high visibility and make you feel safe in the dark as well as the day.

Why 247 Viz?

We make products that you want and we love, which will keep you safe 247.

It’s simple; we are constantly improving our products based on your feedback. We test out each product for months before we bring them to market. After that, we closely listen to your feedback and make improvements along the way.